Excelling in sports carries over to the checker board since in both you have to work hard to advance in your skill level. I see a football team working as a team on the field under the supervision and guidance of the team's coaches.

In Checkers I have a library of Checker books that I study and recently visited the Cleveland Library and got a set of games played by Andrew Anderson and James Wyllie from 1847. One can learn much from those early Champions of past years. I added those games to my manuscript.

Checker players learn from each other. As President of the American Checker Federation we put out six bulletins a year full of games played at our National Tournaments. Even some of my average games can be found. Games are annotated and serve as an excellent study tool to learn and improve.

Seems to me the Market Trader is kind of a rogue player, in that he acts alone and seldom consults others as to what to buy or sell. Is this a correct conclusion?


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