At least there was a 16 point range for the first day above 10 in the last 8 with 2 million volume, thereby letting the public switch out of good and stop out when the margin and uncle point overly trepidatious.

As collab notes, gold and the S&P crossed and the Nikkei and the S&P always crossing. A study of crosses would be good. What other ones would be good?

Quarterly expiration within a hair's breadth of Dec 1000 looking to cause consternation.

Corn seems to hit 400 with disproportionately large frequency.

Grains very close to where they were 100 years ago, showing that inflation and commodity bulls are charlatans.

The antitrust actions against the technology leader have to seem a pall to all businesses and investors similar to those that have led so many times to crashes in the last 150 years, but this must be quantified.

Also to be quantified are the changing relations of leaks of important information in the well worn corridors. An Ellsworth Vines can no longer play tennis on the clay courts of Pennsylvania Avenue to get a dispensation for the leader of his pro tour.


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