Isn't the quitting of golf by Tiger symptomatic of the redistribution scheme to the cronies that puts individual achievement and property rights on the lowest rung of the totem pole, and doesn't this have predictive value for the market the next year?

The average standard deviation of the market the last several years is 20 and the average mean absolute deviation is 14, and the average range is 19. The relation between the mean absolute deviation and standard deviation is consistent with the expected proportion of √(2/π) or about 4/5 for a normal distribution. The average range of high and low would appear to approach the standard deviation. Dixon's Q-test, which takes the furthest point out in a sample and compares it to its nearest neighbor as a test of whether the point belongs in the sample, relative to its range, (outlier - nearest neighbor)/range, which, for example, is rejected at the 90% confidence level for 10 observations, should be used much more frequently by quantitative speculators in many different areas.

Alan Millhone adds:

Tiger / BuickTiger is worth a billion (for now). He is/was paid $100m a year for three endorsements. If those three pull their sponsorship they will save the $100m yet their bottom lines may suffer without Tiger touting their products.

The American public will soon forget, just like Gary Hart and Bimini when he once ran for a high office. I do know that Tiger started and supports a learning center and it would be a shame to see any of those things lost.

My game is checkers, and champions since the great "Herd Laddie" James Wyllie of Scotland who dominated the game in the mid 1850s come and go with the wind. Time marches on and stops for no one. Do some good while you are here.

Russ Sears writes:

As much as I admire athletes and think that their leadership roles can foreshadows things to come in society and the market, they also can simply be human.

It appears to me that Tiger is reacting to society rather than leading it in this case. He made the classic mistake many great athletes make once they come into great wealth: they over leverage themselves with women. One lady and a love of sport already makes one of them a mistress. In taking a pause, it would also appear that he is following the markets in trying to deleverage himself into a manageable position.


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