Might have been my imagination yesterday, but the more BHO spoke the more the market declined.

BHO spoke of infusing money into: highways, transit, rail, energy, water, and aviation. This will all require Davis Bacon/ prevailing wage or union wages to be paid on all these areas. The small businessman will never see a penny of the stimulus money. If a little person goes to get a SBA loan the paperwork is so staggering you will walk out the door of the bank.

The way the economy is rolling along it would not surprise me to see the market drop into the nine's come New Year!

Note talk about gold. Gold and silver have always had value and will never drop to zero. Judas would not have taken grain, copper, etc. He preferred the 30 pieces of silver Denaris. One can talk against gold and silver all one wants. There will always be a large group out there who like guns, safes, precious metals and canned goods on hand. I am just a simple average person who likes to diversify.


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