After having the program for over a year and subscribing to a newsletter on the program, I finally figured out how to calculate t-scores within Metastock. Needless to say it’s not in the manual but you can do it if you ‘work around’ what the program was really designed for — assorted TA rubbish and highly optimized randomness.

I wasn’t sure about my work, so I cross-checked one system in Excel. Turned out that there was a discrepancy in the standard deviation — Excel had it as 11.33, my Metastock version had 10.85. I then tried recalculating the standard deviation ‘longhand’ in Excel and got a result of 11.28.

I ‘think’ these are rounding errors and someone in a Metastock newsgroup confirmed this by informing me that Metastock has only single digit precision. Now in the hurly-burly of real-life trading my t-scores probably aren’t going to be affected that much. But I got a better understanding into the minds of the purists who insist on doing things the hard way, in S-PLUS, R, Gauss or Matlab.


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