The United States Preventive Service Task Force announced Monday that it recommends against annual mammograms for women age 40 to 49 because, they say, the benefits of testing do not outweigh the "harms" and risks. USPSTF still recommends doctors start screening all women over age 50, but with a mammogram once every two years instead of annually. News Item.

Certain thoughts on health care in no particular order:

1. Thus far no insurers are denying payment for those who choose to stick to the old guidelines, therefore the decision of how often to be screened by mammography is up to individual patients and their physicians.

2. Get used to it; this is the first in what is certain to be an ever expanding list of recommendations aimed at reducing global Health care cost with minimal (albeit it some small) cost on individual health.

3. Public policy on health care is at odds with individual goals for health care: the former is premised upon the good of the masses superseding the good of the individual, whereas the latter is based upon enhancing health with little or no concern for cost.


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