Why is it that all folk art is such that no matter how talented you are, it isn't good unless you are in prison, an insane asylum, an agrarian reformer, a degenerate, a midget, deformed, illiterate, an infant, bodacious, or some such. Listening to folk music from "Blind Lemon Jefferson" and looking at paintings from my collection from asylums engenders this thought. What is the market analogy? The astrologist? The man from Nebraska? Harry Browne has an excellent chapter on strange advisers. The Delphic Oracle was good at creating a fog around its predictions. During my day, I got mileage out of Lobagola. It gave Jim Lorie a belly laugh.

Adam Robinson comments:

Perhaps for many of the same reasons "Why Comedies Rarely Win An Oscar For Best Picture And May Never Again." In both cases, the high-brow police and social scientists militia don't necessarily see either idiom as the best way to promote their agendas.





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