There is something about the celebrity gate crashing strip tease of the Salahis that shows a deep wrongness in the American psyche and is the root cause of the revulsion overnight today.

Martin Lindkvist adds:

I would add that when the camera is out of the way the hand would do just like the market: when you think it will go up, instead it goes down. As Victor said, that's the way men do it, and the market too. It is good to know that markets and men are the same all around the world.

An Attorney adds:

To present the question more succinctly, more in keeping with my Harvard Law training:

Did Biden's feeling up Michaele constitute an ex post facto invitation to the dinner?





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  1. Steve Leslie on November 28, 2009 7:47 am

    I want an answer to this question, when does criminal trespassing, lying to federal authorities, stalking and probably a dozen other crimes if you wish to become creative about it become "party crashing" or "gate crashing"

    We are not talking about a cheap reference to the lame Vince Vaughan, Owen Wilson movie comedy nor are we discussing sneaking into Hefner's mansion for his annual pajama party, we are talking about a breach of our nations security at the highest level. This is so serious it is beyond belief. For any of us who have been to the White House, a leaf does not fall on the lawn without someone hearing it. As an American citizen, I am disgusted with this country and outraged over the memory of the 9-11 tragedy of terrorism to think that some idiots can fake their way into a State Dinner.

    Here is the most insulting comment so far, "At no time was the safety of the President at jeopardy." How do we know this? Is it because some "suit" proclaims such from a prepared speech approved by his department head? Really, if not the President, then how about the Vice President, the 300 guests who were there, the other 1000's of support personnel who were assigned to work that evening. The only reason that all those lives were not in jeopardy were because these two class clowns were not true terrorists. Their objective was to get a reality show and appear on the talk show circuit and sell a tell-all book. To acquire 15 minutes of fame that would lead to wealth and fame. This was there intent. If they were terrorists, then hundreds and perhaps thousands would be dead today, many our highest political officials of this nation and the world, and our entire political system as we know it would collapse.

    How? Let me start off with biological weapons such as anthrax. If some psychotic zealots can poison a subway train in Japan with sarin gas then who is safe anywhere. Answer nobody. All the way up to the Commander-in-
    Chief of the United States.

    The sickest part of this is the resultant prediction I will make. There will be no criminal prosecution of these two , this all will be whitewashed and brushed away after the congressional hearings are completed, no mea culpas no Janet Reno's proclamation after Waco of "I take full responsibility for the dead." No trial of the century with William Jennings Bryant on one side and Clarence Darrow on the other, just business as usual. Things will move as they always do at the speed of light some low level public employees will be fired and/or reassigned and imbecilic people will watch these two immature adults discuss their "excellent adventure" on Oprah, The Today Show, The Letterman Show, the Colbert Report and every other televised venue that is open. Then they will get a reality show, release a book and parlay this all to a new career. Who knows the exciting things in store.

    Lesson to be learned from all of this. Things never change. As P.T. Barnum said, "There is a sucker born every minute" And the financial markets expose them each and every day.

  2. Paul Marino on November 28, 2009 9:32 pm

    From Vic's Sept 2009 post:
    'Are agonizing reappraisals more common after holidays? Are there any French insider trading actions lurking in the wings while the U.S. markets are closed, such as occurred around Washington's Birthday 2008?'

    At least Dubai had made some Street chatter earlier this week. Unfortunately, the abomination Salahi was American made and NY Post approved. Even my TMZ-loving eighteen year old girl cousin expressed disdain at the Thanksgiving table.

  3. Valery Kotlarov on December 9, 2009 4:38 pm

    To Martin Lindkvist:
    And what’s more disappointing - you can’t take it (either) with ya ;-)


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