In my area was a revered real estate man named Walter J. McCarthy. His business still survives and run by his two sons. The title of this post was his quote as a Realtor.

You can build and tear down many times on a piece of land, and the land remains. A friend I know worked for the B&O Railroad all his life and he always said that the railroad owned from Heaven to Hell along their track lines.

You can build in many layers over the centuries on the same piece of ground. A few years ago I visited the Roman ruins under Bath, England. I have been deep below the street of Paris and visited the catacombs. King Solomon's Temple is supposed to be under structures built over the centuries in Jerusalem. The list is endless and I give a few examples of the same real estate being used over and over and the land is always there.

Notably today we see buildings dropped in Las Vegas and new structures rise on the same piece of real estate. Prices rise as well over the decades.


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