Happy Thanksgiving 2009 to all our readers.

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  1. reid wientge on November 25, 2009 1:36 pm

    So much of modern cultural and political debates reminds of Aesop's The Frog's who Desired a King. Like the Frogs in the fable, many Left wingers in American pray for a king that will make his presence felt. We should all fear that their prayers will be answered, in which case we will be consumed by cap and trade, global warming, green tyranny or Marxism/Socialsm. It is odd that a free people would want to feel the dread of absolute power residing in government, rather than be content with freedom and all its possibilities.

  2. Steve Leslie on November 26, 2009 7:08 am

    I have said it many times before, we just do not get to see enough of Laurel Kenner's writings. She is just such a marvelous story teller. Her homage to her mother is prose on the level of George Eliot (my favorite female author)

    Some years back I wrote of the American Turkey as the national bird and had Benjamin Franklin gotten his way this would have become a reality — here is a clip.

    G_d bless all those who gather in the presence of family and friends this holiday weekend season. Travel cautiously and safely, arrive alive, try to play well with others, share the television and the yams, pray for the billions of children in the world who will go to bed hungry and underfed. Remember our brave soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world. Thank G_d you live in a free world and not in North Korea or Cuba, or a Third World banana republic. Think of one person who does not have any family and invite them over for a meal or a sandwich. Call your mother, father, sister, brother, children, grandchildren and tell them you love them and miss them.

    Pray for peace around the world.

    Thank you,


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