Getting Real, from Ryan Carlson

November 24, 2009 |

 The biggest effect of the past year was the realization that I need to start wading into the real economy rather than spend 100% of my efforts speculating.  One industry that is well suited for traders is building a web application since it's similarly dynamic, wide open to new interpretations and the real economy is so inefficient compared to the futures markets.

Recently I came upon a book entitled Getting Real that is a collection of essays from the founders of 37signals, a Chicago company which creates project management software.  It was so refreshing to read a book that pushed the ideas that have worked so well for their company and which also fit my personality such as rushing into things but adjust as needed later.  The concept of Getting Real is about doing it, not about planning, theorizing or talking about things but actually creating something tangible.  Both the tech and speculative worlds are full of dreamers who don't take action which is why Getting Real should resonate well in both fields.

The book is even free to read on line if anyone doesn't want to purchase the pdf or printed book.

The company also has a blog entitled Signals vs. Noise where they post random mind droppings.





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