Poseurs, from Russ Sears

November 23, 2009 |

 Poseurs by definition are more concerned with appearances than substance.

Therefore it should come as no surprise that they have many of the same traits as the maladaptive perfectionist. What distinguishes these perfectionists from those that strive for excellence is need to appear perfect, not achieve the most possible. The effort and strive is to prop up self esteem, not truly to create, produce, inspire or discover.

The poseurs generally want to be seen as champions for excellence. They try to align themselves with the athlete, the artist, the scientist and the investor: those striving for excellence.

The perfectionist would rather cheat to win than lose.  They would rather display technical prose than display a moving performance that also displays the limits of their technical abilities.  They would rather be politically accepted and publically recognized as brilliant, than ostracized because of leading scientific advancement before the world is ready for it. They would rather front run, by cosing up with the central planners, than struggle betting good money to get the most effective allocation of resources.

The poseur and the perfectionist want the glory that rightfully belongs to the risks taker, the visionaries, the hard working and the dedicated. Study the perfectionist: their errors in thinking, their traits, and their failures; to also recognize the poseur.  The poseur however, comes with at least one notable difference to the perfectionist.  The poseur often comes with a good excuse why they are not capable of the actual pursuit of excellence.

Recognize excuses and perfectionism in others to avoid them in your life.





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