Much has been said of the behavior of Elizabeth Lambert during a women's soccer conference tournament game against BYU. For my part I find it shocking that a college student can behave with such shameful form and somehow think that it is acceptable. What kind of coach allows this? How do parents raise a child to such an ignominious state? ESPN clip on YouTube.  NY Times article.

Nick White comments:

The BYU girls played a good strategy. I know nothing about these teams, but I'm imagining the delightful Elizabeth would have been identified prior to the game as one of New Mexico's key players and likely worth containing. BYU either knew or quickly discovered that Lambert had a temper, so they kept taunting and provoking her, knowing full well that she would likely respond more violently and graphically and get herself removed. In other words, BYU perhaps couldn't contain Lambert through their play, so they used her own proclivity for reaction to get her to take herself out. This is a useful tactic.

I would also bet that Ms. Lambert is one of the more forthright, driven and ambitious players on her team. People who take themselves more seriously are easier marks for this kind of tactic. The rigidity of their internal value system causes them to respond disproportionately to the perceived offense.

How often (perhaps intraday) does this very setup show itself in the market?





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  1. david on November 20, 2009 11:50 am

    Upon further review of the clip provided, it’s obvious that EL was elbowed in the boob by the BYU player, here shorts were pulled up by yet another player, hence typical retaliatory response. You see it all the time in all sports. As for the other, its just aggressive play, no infractions. However it does place a question in one’s mind as to what the heck is she like in bed?

  2. Jaden on November 20, 2009 2:05 pm

    I can see why I am such a bad trader, I was only focusing on how attractive the two girls are, and found the aggressive one kind of s_xy.

  3. Steve on November 20, 2009 9:47 pm

    comment one

    The last person to throw the punch is the one who gets flagged for the penalty. All you saw was the punch in the back, what led up to it is the greater question.

    Great flop artists and agitators to name a few:

    Ron Artest
    Bill Lambeer
    John Starks
    Reggie Miller

    Practially every man who plays soccer is a great actor in feinting pain at some point in their career. I expect the same can be said as to the female counterparts.

    Comment two. Lets not be too sanctimonious some of the toughest athletes I have ever met were women. Especially those who compete in soccer basketball and field hockey. Just because they have poney tails doesnt mean they are not willing to mix it up

    Comment three. If you want to get beaten up get in the middle of two women fighting. First they do not fight fair they pull hair scratch claw kick and use every means fair or unfair to win. And if you push back they declare foul and you get arrested for assault. Best to stay out of the fray if at all possible.


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