Brooke [Shields] is superficial, she talks only about things rather than ideas. — Attributed to Andre Agassi.

BrookeSupposedly Brooke graduated Magna from Yale, so she must be a well-reasoned thingophile. I called my college daughter this morning, hoping to give fatherly advice on "how not to be superficial." A simple formula: in speech, increase the ratio (ideas)/(things).

This advice rapidly became convoluted. An idea fundamentally is a thing. Structurally — an arrangement of specific neuronal connections. Money certainly is a thing, but also an idea; an idea which can transmit ideas (e.g. paying a consultant for ideas). A vehicle to facilitate trading of things, often glorified, and vilified, by people with conflicting ideas about the value of things.

Breast implants are things, with an idea behind them (a new tee-shirt logo?). Make-up is a thing — to present an illusory idea; allure, of youth and seduction, and escape from the idea of time, aging, and death.

Brooke may have had ideas about using her things to get things — a very common idea.

The advice was unnecessary as my daughter isn't superficial. But still it's interesting that smart, beautiful women, who never do things by accident, use the idea of things to get things.





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