I am in awe of how much a group can accomplish, if there is one dedicated member who works hard without protest nor attention need. People flock to help him out. I see it frequently in markets and our Scout troop. It also works in the opposite direction, unfortunately. I wonder how to quantify that individual… Atlas if you will… who drags others along by strength without yelling. It's also in the markets, but I can't get a handle around how to quantify the lack of need for attention. Singleton played this game masterfully at Teledyne. Yes there are generals, but how do you define the majors that actually embarrass them (and others below them) into bravery?

 George Parkanyi responds:

Why would you even want to quantify such an individual? Quantifying andcounting isn't everything. Some people are just a life force, and you knowit because you can't help but recognize it as soon as you meet them or seethem in action. These people are so effective because they point the way to possibility,fire the imagination, and scoff at obstacles as mere details. And othersthen follow because who wouldn't want to be part of something that isunique, infused with energy, and helps define them in some special way?Everyone wants meaning in their lives. Show people how to create it andthey (well at least some) will rise to it. Also, not everyone has a clearsense of where they want to go, or if they do, haven't figured out how toget there. Give them an interesting destination, and/or a plan, and they'lloften be more than happy to throw in time, effort, and resources and goalong for the ride or even better, adventure.





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