ShaveA good thing to do at the beginning of the day or the beginning of a week is to shave and study what happened to clear the mind — indeed to write it down.

Five up days in a row start the retrospective but these five just move us a tiny bit above where it was before the five started on the Thursday at 1062. And we are half way between the x day high and x day low at 1090 and 1033. Note that the fixed incomes are at lows, even below a round number or two and that C is above V and BAC above 15 by a hair.

The Nas is within a percent of a two-year high. VIX has declined by some 25% in the last week. Crude is within a day or two's move of a one-year high as is the value of a euro and a yen. Gold is at an all time high and stands at 60 times the value of silver. The grains are in — dare I say it – a trading range of 15% from low to high over the last six months above 5% from the bottoms.

If only someone would provide a summary of the markets like we get for baseball, it would be so much easier to describe, and then to shave. Indeed, I might be tempted to provide such averages and standings and results oneself for those lonely readers…





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