North Carolina and Georgia use a vinegar based sauce that’s really simple but very good. It’s 1/3 vinegar, 2/3 catsup — or maybe the other way around. Lots of pepper.

NYC street food cleanliness is regulated but hit or miss. A fellow downtown, Mike, used to cook in the park across from World Trade before 9/11. His uncle ran Tony’s Egg cart by the exchange. Art Cashin and everyone went to Mike for breakfast, because it was incredible. The other venders asked what he did to make it so good. He told them he never cleaned his grill. So, the other venders stopped cleaning their grills. After three weeks, Mike told them he was just kidding. On 9/11, we tried to save the cart by dragging it over by the HSBC bank but it was totaled. last I heard Mike was putting in windows for a living.


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