Nock's adage that if a teaspoonful of arsenic won't cure you then a tablespoon is required relative to the unemployment rate and measures to stimulate economic health comes to mind in view of the 10.2% rate. Amazingly no leaks were visible on Thursday during the day or on Friday before the number in fixed income or equities. Indeed German fixed income was down before the number. There's only one explanation. "Boys, old Hanover is looking very sickly in the stalls. Be sure that we don't work him out in the next mornings before the election."

Nock enthusiast Jeff Watson explains:

Much ado has been made about Albert Jay Nock on Daily Speculations. An original thinker, with an uncanny sense of reason, Nock is a founding father in conservative circles. Such luminaries as William F. Buckley Jr. have used Nock's ideas as the genesis of their political views. I have assembled a series of full downloads of his works from various sources for your reading pleasure.

Our Enemy the State

On Doing the Right Thing

Memoirs of a Superflous Man [his autobiography and perhaps his best known book]


Isaiah's Job

The Criminality of the State

The Jewish Problem in America





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