I've been noticing a couple of guys set up on a busy corner here in Venice, FL (US 41 and Venice Ave), selling BBQ, and always paid them no attention. Today, while sitting at a long stoplight, with my window open, I smelled the delicious aroma of smoking BBQ, and had to stop. I pulled into the parking lot and looked at their set up. They had a couple of 55 gal oil drums converted into smokers, a couple of coolers, and a Weber grill. The whole set up looked very clean, much cleaner than most street food places I've been to New York. I ordered a couple of sliced pork sandwiches and a side of roasted corn. The pork was first rate quality and had a nice smoke ring around it. Done to perfection, and served on an extra large hamburger bun, they were very generous with the meat, heaping at least 8 oz on the bun. They only served one type of BBQ sauce, which was molasses based, and hands down was the very best BBQ sauce I've ever had. I asked for the recipe and was told, "If we gave you the recipe, then we'd have to kill you." Although the meat was wonderful, the sauce deserved special note. The roasted corn was very good, especially with chili pepper and lime as an accompaniment. They had ribs smoking on another cooker, but I declined to try some as I was so full. Still, I saw a few people get the ribs and they looked very happy. I was so pleased to see a couple of guys starting a business on a shoestring, making a superior product, and doing what they loved. The constant stream of customers was a testament to their quality. The look and taste of the food indicated a lot of love going towards the product. I just hope the powers that be will allow this grassroots business to remain in place. If not, the world will be a lesser place. In all my life, I have never had such good BBQ. Those guys do no advertising, and just let the smell sell their product, the way it should be. The price was very reasonable, with a sandwich going for $4.50 which is on par with McDonalds.





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