Although DJIA under 10k print at close, it almost feels better than plus 10,000 due to the power of the move. Is this when the market con asks you trust him and invest that considerable sum? We made it through nasty ("not!") September and Old Crashy October — one more day to go. It seems like clear sailing ahead till Santa Claus rally and year end. Is this the con's projection of a wheelbarrow full of money — Mr. Drees, pick up a shovel and start loading up…





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  1. Ronald Weber on October 30, 2009 5:05 am

    On the other hand, 2009 is the year where all traditional seasonality patterns have been reversed: January rally, sell in May, nasty September and October !!! So maybe the good old Santa-Claus rally could be proven wrong as well, let’s see…

  2. Jason Brown on October 30, 2009 9:30 am

    They say the market leads the economy until it doesn't. The "end" of the recession won't make people to get out the plastic to show how much they love eachother this holiday season. If they sold futures against the projected sales on Black Friday, I'd go all in short. The store won't know what to do with all that stuff they couldn't sell after Christmas. People will finally be forced to understand the true meaning of Christmas. With breadth like this, a higher DOW is just more room to go short when it breaks. I'm more bearish than Precther but long term I'm still a bull. Despite my medium/longterm outlook, I was long yesterday.


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