A while back I pondered how some of the Beatles songs might have worked out differently had the lads been bitten by the trading bug. Would they have written:

All You Need is Cash

Don't Mark Me Down

When I Saw Her Shorting There

Day Trader

Hey Crude

Bet it, Lee

Dear Prudent (Man)

Penny Stock

Sgt Peppers Lonely Shorts Club Band

She's Leaving Home (Depot)

You've Got to Hide Your Dogs Away

I Am the Wall Street

Norwegian Wood (a good day on the Scandinavian bond desk)

Hello, Good Buy!

Maxwell's Silver Outlook

Backing the USSR

With a Little Help From My Friends (more recently the Galleon company song)

The Long Unwinding Debt

Get Black (popular with compliance departments)

Here Comes the Stun

RICO Raccoon

Can't Buy Me Bonds

Help! (works either way)

Broker You're a Rich Man

I've a Got a Feeling / Hurl (medley)

If It Fell

Sum Together (also known as The Settlement Song)

Act Naturally (also known as The Audit Song)

Things We Shed Today

Everybody's Got Something to Trade Except for Me and My Monkey

Helter (Tax) Shelter

When It's at Sixty-Four

We Can Work It Out (margin call set to music)

You Never Give Me Your Money (second, more urgent margin call set to music)

and finally …

Fool on the Till





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