Recently I made two trips to Medina, Ohio to watch current 3-Move Restriction Checker Champion Alexander Moiseyev of Dublin, Ohio duke it out over a 40 game match with Ronald " Suki" King of Barbados. Match ended in a tie of 4-4-32 drawn games. Steve Holliday of Ohio was match referee and Steve brought along some Checker items that I purchased. On the last evening of the match he had a large box full of Checker books. I ended up buying the lot and have been going over each book. I found one of interest authored by Julius D' Orio in 1922 and titled "Mysteries of Dama ". In his introduction his last paragraph caught my attention.

He wrote, " Being true to life let it be your guide in adopting a business course along sound principles, and remember, when a gain is made without balance it reacts. "


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