VNSeeing Bye Bye Birdie and how Birdie is portrayed as a hard working salt of the earth person when he's looking for supper among the fans reminds one of the challenger [in the story] by Ring Lardner and of the diffidence with which various parties paint their woes and point their fingers at people who, like Mellon and Insull in the 1930s, while completely innocent and indeed exemplary, served to deflect attention from the self dealings of the accusers, the palliatives, red herrings, and Galtonesque dissemblers who always left their real cache in a high tree, while leaving a moite buried beneath the trampling feet of their oxen.

When will this orgy of absurdity cease where this or that analyst lowers the estimates for one company for one quarter and it brings an immediate 1 trillion dollar decline in wealth along with the 1% decline in the market. One sparrow does not make a spring nor does one analyst's ideas announced propitiously create a raison d'etre.

On 2009/10/21 the euro:dollar set a nice round of 1.50 while oil set a nice round of 80, copper crossed $3.00 and beans crossed $10 a bushel and Berkshire stood solid as a stone wall at exactly 100000. Like the defeated North at the beginning of the Civil War, the S&P tried to break 1100 getting within one point of it twice in the last week, only to thrown back to the Potomac on both occasions.





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