The Blind Swordsman, Zatoichi by Takeshi Kitano (2003) is a modern remake of a samurai classic that the Grandmaster Nigel would love. Kitano, who also stars, did a wonderful job directing in a modern style. There are touching scenes, comic scenes, great fighting scenes with more realistic fighting sequences. There is a fun dance scene at the end. Its really a 21st century samurai movie. The swordsman is blind, but with sixth sense seems to know where his opponents are and can fight better than any. He tries to obtain his advantage by fighting at night or in the dark. From a market point of view, some reversion heavy models leave one feeling like a blind swordsman in perhaps the greatest bull market. Speed, like Zatoichi, and a sixth sense, or at least other data, seem helpful. The movie received international critical acclaim. There are some dark forces at work: revenge, greed, exploitation. Zatoichi takes care of them though.





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  1. reid on October 19, 2009 10:29 am

    Worth watching but not the best Zatoichi. I am a fan of the movies starring Shinaru Katsu - 26 films from 1962 to 1989 (according to Wiki) More raw, more down to earth Katsu develops the role in a more believabel manner. Whereas in the movie you review he seems more intelligent, almost spy like, Katsu’ Zatoichi more genuine. He is a man whose life is like a leaf on the wind - he has no choice but does not fail to act in the noblest manner -in my opinion similar to a western where the fastest draw is good despite his worldliness and who cannot let a misdeed go unpunished. Katsu also makes it clear that his life is in karmic payment for his former life as a Yakuza. It seems clear that Katsu develops his character from the Samuraii Trilogy (I watched II and III recently) also moves that should be highly recommend.


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