Today's [2009/10/15] US news grabbing scene of the flying silver UFO balloon or upside down puffy ice-bag from the old movies flying on the winds of fate gave me pause to reflect on the stock market run from the March lows till now. The green shoots of helium gave the airship its gas. The "prank" –someone loosening the tethers, an insider, a market "brother" gave the ship its launch energy. Think relaxed accounting rules for banks and brokers for toxic derivatives; mark to whatever altitude you are comfortable with and an "OK" from the warmed air of political impetus and lift off is achieved.

The market craft gets going in the jet stream of the oversold thin air and it's out of our collective hands. The majority of the flight is of normal quality, no deviation of flight path-it's a one way air current. Must keep the craft in our focus at all times, for there is a young frail recovery on board. And if this craft crashes then it will be tragedy-unlike the one year anniversary of tragedy diverted by "Sully".

Do not approach the craft with critical attempts at rescue for fear of hurting the recovery "boy". Do not shoot at the craft's gas bag, don't do anything stupid. Chase after the craft on the ground with good money/hope and keep it in view "OJ style" at all times. God forbid the 3/8th inch plywood hatch would open and the fragile recovery would fall to its death in front of everyone on planet TV earth.

Channel surf, this is boring, I am making all my money back anyway being long this gentle ride. What?! It's over-it fell gently to earth and there is no recovery inside? Where is the recovery!? There is now a frantic search for the recovery.

The recovery was found to be a hoax-a prank. The recovery never left the foreclosed home and was never on board the airship. Unlike Sully, there was no pilot for this flight. Tomorrow's headline:

Parents of boy to be fined for filmed false flight fear and phony funds wasted. President Obama to give bravery award to boy for perseverance under duress.





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