Headwinds, from George Parkanyi

October 10, 2009 |

I noticed the last couple of days when riding to work and back home again that no matter what the direction, I always had a head-wind when crossing the MacDonald-Cartier bridge over the Ottawa River. The curved bridge has quite a rise to the half-way point, and it takes much huffing and puffing when the contra-winds blow. Sometimes I have to gear all the way down to second gear from the normal fifth or sixth to fight my way up the rise, and even pedal not to lose speed down the other side. This is frustrating, and on these days I grumble and curse.

But when the winds are with me, as they have been in the past, each pedal stroke surges you forward, and over the rise you begin to fly like an eagle down the other side.

For a while now my trading account has faced a strong head-wind with little respite to rest weary legs. The drawdown is not large, but the grind feels relentless. And although the system is mostly passive, the lack of success feels like effort, weight, resistance. Thankfully lower gears (low leverage and spare cash) keep me moving and leave me with resources to make it over the rise. I persevere because I know the wind will change, and for a time the weight will be lifted, and I may even fly down the other side.





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  1. Laslo Minks on October 10, 2009 1:17 pm

    Beware the switches!

  2. legacy daily on October 10, 2009 3:52 pm

    I think this happens more often than people like to admit. Kudos to a courageous and honest man!

  3. Dave In Lakeville on October 10, 2009 6:00 pm

    What happened to the site? No more updates? :-(

     Ed.: Entered a Time Warp. Should be fixed soon. Thanks.

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