N LinchenInvited by my sister, I took today my first tennis class. Some market lessons came right away from the court.

Keep your eye in the ball - I know, I know, this is an oldie. But goodie: I never had to really keep my eye on a ball before. Now I understand those times when the market made a move against my position while I was at lunch, or with my eyes on something else.

Don't try to impress anyone - You know, I'm older than my sister and she is very competitive. It just doesn't work trying to impress someone when you are performing. (Don't mention the lack of preparation!) - It reminds me trying to manage money for friends, or, worse yet, for my mother-in-law.

Beware the impossible ball - Do you have to go for that impossible ball? Here I took my first landing on the sand (yes, I felt it) and my first bruise for trying to reach something I wasn't prepared to at the moment. (How many times we just shouldn't trade considering wild market conditions?)

Tennis is fun. - The 1 hour class took 10 minutes in my mind. Yes, tennis is fun. And so is trading. Beware: In tennis one has fun, and loses weight, fat, and the exercise is good for the heart, etc. In trading, when one is having fun, he loses money, money, more money - and that's NOT good for the heart.

If you keep up the practice (they told me) you can attain good results. - In trading, only practice, study, research, more practice, more study, more research can deliver good results with time.

Everyone can play tennis, but not everyone can master tennis and make a living from it. - In the markets, everyone can call his/her broker and shout "Buy! Sell!", or at least type the correct numbers and codes into the home broker on the internet to buy and sell. -But not everyone can make a living from it.

You need proper equipment. - One of the causes of my "accident" (kissing the court's sand) was because my shoes weren't "tennis shoes". So they performed badly under an important circumstance - I was running for that impossible ball. - In trading, proper equipment may be considered an edge as it gives you information first and allows you to trade quickly.

I think the next classes will bring more insights. But, if I only had tonight's class before I made any trade or investment in my life, my own results would be a lot different!





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