I don't have big data bases like I assume most of you quants do — maybe someone can check this. Have there ever been some big UP Septembers?

Reason being — channel surfing yesterday and I watched 30 seconds of CNBC (all I can stomach anymore at one time) — the finance girl said that everyone was scared of September.

Which gets me to a contrary indicator that I use — when the old market saws are being trumpeted expect neutral or opposite action.

In May we heard the din of "suckers rally", "rally old in the tooth", "rally too far too fast", "rally like 1932". The fear was there and what happened — we still are going up here in late August. If we had been hearing about a Summer rally in May it would have been all she wrote.

So now everyone is terrified of September — hmmm.

Phil Mcdonnell says:

Many people are unnecessarily afflicted with big data base envy. Since roughly the development of V!agra even the little guy can now have a big data base for free. So there is no longer a need to envy the big Wall Street firms, at least on that score.

For example complete Dow Industrial data may be downloaded from Yahoo from 1926 to the present. It is available on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and can be directly downloaded into a spreadsheet. This query will download DJIA daily 1928 to present.

Historical data is also available from\finance for periods up to 1 year. Google also has current real time data. MSN Money also offers free historical data but with download limitations.





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