A MillhoneEnd of the nightly news tonight had a segment about a fellow who used to own a NYC nightclub and realized there was more to his life. He now raises money to drill water wells in remote areas of the globe. It is estimated that 4,500 children die each day due to lack of safe drinking water.

Made me think back to my overseas duty in Korea in the Army. Every barracks on base had 'houseboys' and one day I visited Mr. Yee's hut in the village. Sanitation was about nil and the outside privy had next to it their water spigot protruding out of the ground right beside of the outhouse! The Land of the Morning Calm was a filthy third world country while I was stationed there. I am sure Seoul has progressed but oft wonder about other countries and the small villages that make up most of Asia.

Americans have much to be thankful for and clean drinking water is one of those things we are blessed with.

Legacy Daily writes:

Every morning when I drive against traffic on Route 128 in Massachusetts, I cannot help but notice the thousands of cars lined with thousands of people rushing to go to work and improve this country in their own meaningful ways. When I hear 10% unemployment, I remind myself that 90% of the workers get up every day and go to work hard, to do something useful, to create something, to maintain something, to help someone. In one or two weeks a major section of Rt. 2 was repaved for a very smooth ride with nice straight white lines and reflectors, at night. This gives me great hope about the future of this country. Thank you for the reminder to not take it all for granted.


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