Price of farmlandHere is an update to the data I posted last October. The source is the USDA and it shows the inflation-adjusted price of farmland per acre from 1900 to 2008.  (The chart I posted previously was only 1970-2002).









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  1. Don McCullough on August 2, 2009 1:51 pm

    My brothers and I sold some farm land in S.W. Indiana, Jan. 2008, for about 4700 dollars an acre. Mediocre farm land. Some of the best land in northern Indiana, in Iowa and Illinois (really, the whole U.S.A.) has sold in recent months for as much as 8000 an acre. Farm land, not land for commercial purposes.

    Something to compare with your 2350 number. Of course farm land in the midwest is naturally going to be considerably higher than the national average farm land price. I read the price of farm land is staying up regardless of the present economic mess.

    Don McCullough

  2. Neal Vanderstelt on December 24, 2009 1:44 am

    Nice chart. Appears to be a bit of inflation.. It seems that food is a major resource these days especially with growing counties like China and India that look for imports to feed its large populations. If you want to be in demand buy a farm.


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