Loose lipsReminds me of a sayin' I learned in the Navy: "loose lips sinks ships." The spread of information that people had promised to keep secret proved the undoing of huge numbers of people in the M@doff fraud.

Stefan Jovanovich raises a historical point:

As much as I adore the U.S. Navy and its traditions, the "loose lips sink ships" motto was one of the pure canards of both World Wars. It was politically popular because it supported Wilson's campaign of political repression against German-Americans who were guilty — among other things — of having Jewish-sounding surnames. Espionage played no part in the successes of the German U-Boats. In both WW I and WW II the U.S. and (to a lesser extent) the British Navies were slow to adopt the convoy systems and criminally guilty of not supplying air cover to convoys. British bombers were dropping leaflets on Germany at the same time Coastal Command was begging for air cover for their convoys. The greatest successes of 1942 for the U-boats came off the coast of America; tankers from the Caribbean were literally silhouetted against the lights onshore. The motto should have been "turn off the darn lights".





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