Japanese men's image of masculinity is changing, according to Maki Fukasawa .

Japanese women have changed notably from years ago. They are taller, better looking, better dressed. The large majority of travelers from Japan in Bali and Hawaii are groups, pairs, and singles of Japanese women. They don't seemed interested in getting married early and getting locked into a rut. They enjoy the freedom of working, living at home, and traveling and being independent.





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  1. SG on June 9, 2009 12:24 pm

    Then one must short Japan. This type of sociological change will mean only one thing in the long run: an aging population and the reduction of vibrancy in a society, as fewer and fewer children are born when highly educated and independent women choose to marry and become pregnant later in life (if at all). At some point, Japan would have to import workers from the rest of the world (it already has, to a degree, but would have to import labor at much higher rates in the decades to come). Given the closed nature of the Japanese society and the overcrowdedness of the islands, the social tensions between the immigrants and the natives will be staggering. While the optimists may still triumph, the demographic, geographical, and geological odds are stacked against them.


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