NYT BuildingYou have to admit the Grey Lady is getting better as they try to keep the belly from going up. They occasionally have a good article about a neighborhood, a Korean fish monger, a group of old fogies at Rockaway Beach or the West 4th Street handball courts. And as Tyler Cowen said at the Junto, "even the economic columnists, who have been immensely improved by the blogs, always take into account the free market point of view before trashing it or saying it's worthless." I found a great article "Questions are From Enemies" from the Week in Review section today. In it they have the fantastic quote from a Berlusconi admirer, "he's so rich he doesn't need to get into politics." What variant of that would be appropriate for our own country today? How about this: "he's so rich he didn't need to have, isn't, or will not have to work for… the…"?





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