Uluwatu, from Jim Sogi

June 1, 2009 |

 Uluwatu Bali is perhaps the top surf spot in the world set in a wonderful friendly culture. The reef sits at the base of a large cliff. A steep winding path leads down to the water to an underwater cave where the surfer paddles out through the cave over the sharp reef to the line up. The surf area is 1k long where long winding 2-3 meter high waves traveling from Antarctica across the Indian ocean speed down the reef. There are crowds with 100 surfers in the water from all around the world with 10 or more languages spoken. There are many very very beautiful women from Europe, Japan, China, Indo, Malaysia, US. The locals are very friendly and kind and are always looking to sell stuff to the surfers that stream there. There are certain spots in the line up where the waves allow an entry and are best formed. Time of day is extremely important as the 3 meter tides can leave the reef dry and dangerous.

Surfing has always given inspiration for trading. The least crowded spot today was at the edge of the line up. Large waves that had by passed the rest of the reef formed up nicely where the crowd was sparser. The crowd stayed in the middle of the line up where the waves weren't lined up as well as on the edges. A similar effect occurs trading where the lowest volume occurs at the edges and can provide the best venues for entry. Larger volumes appear in the centers and are not very good trading areas. Time of day is also important in markets. Similar to surfing market waves form spots where the market forms up and makes entry easier with less risk. Locals are always trying to sell you stuff as you wait for the line up to form just right. Many times its best to just say no thanks, maybe later and wait for your spot. One of the tips for surfing Uluwatu from the locals is just wait for the wave to come to you. When the forces form just right where you are, then its a go. Same with a trade, you want your order to be in just the right spot and wait for the market to come to you. Another thing is there are a lot of kooks out there, from Europe or wherever and are not used to the powerful waves, so sometimes you can use that to your advantage to get a nice wave. Same in markets. There are some kooks out there in the markets doing some silly things and its good to take advantage of that if possible.





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