I was a top car sales rep for several years at one time in my life and was able to not only read people, but then know how to process the information properly so that it could be used effectively to enhance the sales process. Reading people always came naturally to me and I have no degrees and never studied psychology. Reading people is art and science and every situation and person is different and cannot be categorized. As an example some of my biggest sales came from people that were not dressed well and that other car reps did not want to handle.

One day two rusty clunkers pulled into the parking lot and out come down and out looking poorly dressed husband and wife team with three kids. Something told me that when this picture comes into a new car lot it is not for looks. The other sales reps of course waited for better prospects. Well, these down and outers had won $200,000 the day before in a lottery and wanted to trade their two worthless clunkers for new cars. Three hours later they drove away with two sparkling new vehicles. Depending on the situation, never judge the book by the cover.

I never new much about cars. It never interested me, however I was in the top 1% nationally for car sales. I am an expert however at reading people, human psychology and how to interact with them to maximize the goal. My first job in car sales was selling VWs and Audis. After the obligatory "you can make as much as you want" speech I asked the sales mgr if I could skip the training program and just start selling. I will learn on the job, I said. So many folks studied every aspect of the car but just couldn't read people or deal with them and could not cut it. I knew that the people coming into the dealership did not know that I didn't know and I was good enough to read them and front run. I sold 32 cars my first month and collected $13,000 with bonuses and got fired. You're too good, Mark, and the others are complaining. I had another offer from another dealership within an hour and so it went. I went on to become the #1 rep for a fortune 500 petroleum company in the entire United States. I beat out around 100 candidates from what i was told. My resume was fabricated x 100 but I looked and acted the part.

I was the number 1 territory rep in the entire United States, and once a month my boss would fly in and ride with me. A really nice guy and great boss. He would say, I don't know how you do it, the plant mgr says you are disorganized, but it really doesn't matter, you are great at what you do and you make all of us look good. I simply said I can read people, Tom, and I'm a great actor and quick on my feet. About a year later the auditors caught up with my resume, and Tom flew in. Mark, I have good news and bad news. I knew what the bad news was. You will never qualify to be CEO here but despite your outrageous resume, all of us here right up to the very very top are glad you are here, now c'mon let's go get some lunch, I wanna know how you did that.

Being able to read people and front run them with reinforcing words can help you in endless situations. I lived in and traveled in Central America for a few years and used these same techniques and human psychology in various situations with great results. It can save your life. I often thought about how these techniques and others (some simple props as an example) could assist business people and govt employees in the event that they were in danger in foreign countries (kidnapping or other dangers). There are some simple, effective methods that shift the odds in your favor, even if only slightly, I believe.

After seeing well educated people go by the wayside I am convinced that great sales reps are born and cannot be trained. You can teach someone how to read people, but at the end of the day you have to be able to process this information very fast, be a great actor, great talker, part gambler and be able to get inside their mind. I would have been a great CIA agent or made a fortune as a wall street institutional sales rep. Here at White Glove I handle the VIP sales and get to deal with Wall Streeters, professional athletes, actors and a lot of great folks. They let me fly here because I am the best at what I do. Two years ago the sales mgr fired me over a foolish squabble they then fired him and brought me back. Reading people and human psychology is a fascinating subject and I have so many interesting experiences but I've written too much already.





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  1. jeremy on April 11, 2009 3:33 am

    If you have a passion for developing an ability, you can surprise yourself.

    To me these kind of reading skills are just logical, what impresses me more is how it is applied, in business or politics for example, President Obama is a very very good reader of people.

    The key is to be interested in people, be well motivated, and have an intelligent and enquiring mind-that’s all.

    I think that reading the mind of the market to be more challenging and applied, than checking out someones background, or body language which is not too difficult.

  2. Terry Sullivan on April 11, 2009 8:46 am

    I tend to agree with your observations about naturals as sales people.

    People like to work with people they like and trust. End of story!

  3. david higgs on April 11, 2009 10:23 am

    Ken Smith comes to mind…

  4. Connor C Walker on April 12, 2009 5:44 am

    This is a mildly effective tooting of one's own horn, but how exactly do you read people and what is it that you read? Less smoke and more fire, please, otherwise you're not adding much to the discussion.

  5. Mark Johnson/White Glove Moving on April 12, 2009 3:10 pm

    Happy Sunday and Easter, Connor the road gambler,

    Thank you kindly for you’re question and honest assesement. My friend I will apoligize in advance.

    My style of writing and speaking are what makes me the person I am. Maybe I am too long winded, however for this subject matter it is not possible to categorize everything with a simple if they do this then it means x format. It makes for a nice book, however don’t gamble you’re life with it. I truly believe this. Every situation and the way a person behaves is completely unique to that moment.

    Every single person in this world is exactly different. Thousands of life events have been etched in there subconscious mind making them what they are and to think the way they think. Many times, depending on the situation and what you are trying to achieve it is not as important to figure out exactly who this person is in life. You just wish to be succesful at the mission at hand period.
    So in many cases you will be better served to plant thoughts in there mind related to the task at hand. Furthermore you will want to immediately alter your appearence, demeaner and voice based on you’re immediate and continuos assesement of this person and or person(s).
    So as an example if you know nothing about cars and it is you’re very first day on the lot.
    An average couple in there mid 40’s shows up slightly overweight, dressed average. I would immediately alter my posture slightly (I’m 6′2 180) with slightly sloped shoulders and my head a little lower. So from standing tall proud and strong (possibly threatening to them) to looking a little like them (non threatening and meek). After the initial hello’s you of course would learn that they are looking for vehicle X. That’s a beautiful choice I say, we cannot keep them on the lot. It seems to be our most popular seller lately i non chalantly say as if it were no big deal. You are easily reinforcing there subconsciuos mind with what a great choice they made (everyone else loves the car that we like-a good sign)Wait until you see how beautiful vehicle X is. You bring them to the window sticker and you have to have of course showmanship and acting, but you read with excitement line by line, open up the hood, look how beautiful. For the ride itself you want to front run everything. Wow this is such a beautiful ride do you both feel how smooth this is? Wait until you see how it takes the turns, very beautiful, great handling everybody loves this. They will agree as you are reinforcing there initial thoughts anyway. You would want to create some sense of urgency to buy today and so it goes. Everything has to be done in an unobvious manner and alas most people cannot do this. There is nothing you need to know about vehicle X itself. You do need showmanship, altering your appearance, accent if required slightly and self confidence to pull this off. For brevity sake I leave out much but you can get the general idea. You became in a sense, the people themselves and front ran everything without them ever knowing. They dont know that you dont know.

    For various reasons when i moved to latin America i did not have the required paperwork for my beloved golden retriever. If they quarentine a pet in latin America they are dead. I had to be 100%. Knowing that this was a devoutly Cathlic country I wanted to shift the odds in my favor. I wore a nice but not too flashy suit, carried $9900 just in case, a camera and for the important backround, my briefcase was carefully situated with a Catholic cross (I am not Catholic, however despite this not being my religion and used for the correct purpose, I believe that God would watch over me and my beloved pup and that the pope himself would give the ok for this. If you’re a drug dealer or criminal dont try this, ya won’t be able to pull it off for various reasons)a beautifull picture of Jesus, the bible, a picture of me long ago as a young officer with the wording inscribed dad we love you within a big heart and a couple of extras. The paperwork would be in a location that would require you to fumble a bit forcing the customs official to look at all the interesting stuff.
    The odds have now been dramatically shifted in your favor without ever meeting person X and without making any type of read on them. You’re forcing the read onto you because it is in you’re control.
    Upon arrival at agriculture control, there was a table, the official behind the table middle aged, family man nice guy was my intitial assesement. I initially played with my dog saying look how cute etc., this gentleman knew little english but he did know papers please his tone of voice and demaeanor was not good i assesed. I carefully situated the briefcase and when opened he could see everything. Family man, religious maybe a govt employee or something he would think. i gave him my 75% uncompleted paperwork and as he stood on his toes and then back down 2 x i recieved a most unexpected response, in espanol he stated that he has a cousin who lives in my hometown. I knew what he said but pretended to really not know and the person behind me translated. Immediately and animated your kidding maybe im friends, i threw my arm around him and said we are like neighbors and was he going to visit any time soon? it was a lock at this point but just for safety asked the people behind me if they would be kind enough to take a picture of me an my new friend. He was smiling from ear to ear and stamped all the paperwork and passed me on.
    Incidentally, you never forget a favor and for 2 xmas i bought him a beautiful basket for him and his family. Most people believe that when the event is over that it ends incorrectly. never forget the favor and follow thru many times with acts of kindness.
    Sigh… ive written too much again and really i could give most people everything ive learned about people, the keys to the car and they would not be able to pull it off succesfully.
    Reading people and forcing them to read you (without knowing that they are reading you) is just an art unto itself. Ive tried to train many people in sales with limited results. They are just too rigid and cannot read the situation or people.

    This is a fascinating subject with not enough space to really get into it but you get the idea.
    We use this in everyday life to varying degrees.

    With best regards,

  6. B. S. Rajput on April 12, 2009 7:31 pm

    Erwin Schrodinger, the pioneer of quantum mechanics, advocated Mr. Johnson’s methods as applied to the study of the electron (and I trust you will excuse my imperfect translation from the original German). “You put an electron in an orbital, and it BECOMES (German: “wirde”) the orbital; you put an electron on the Fermi sea, and it BECOMES the Fermi sea. BE the electron, mein freund.” In order to understand the electron, you must first BECOME the electron.

    One notable difference between this branch of theoretical physics and the sale of autos is that while, as Mr. Johnson points out, each customer is exactly different from every other, an electron, by contrast, is exactly the same as every other. Ultimately this is only a difference in book-keeping–one must construct wave functions such that interchanges of two electrons results in an overall sign change but not other change in the wave function.(*). This book-keeping is trivially accomplished, and thus, in my view, the close parallel between quantum mechanics and auto sales is a most useful heuristic.

    (* In the simplest example, one might first construct a wave function of the form psi_a(r1)*psi_b(r2), where “1″ and “2″ denote the first and second electron. This function, though, does not satisfy the requirement that its sign changes on particle exchange. Such a function can be simply constructed, though, as psi_a(r1)*psi_b(r2)-psi_a(r2)*psi_b(r1).)

  7. legacy daily on April 12, 2009 8:57 pm

    Mark - How does one differentiate the genuine Mark from the Mark who’s putting on a show toward an end he’s trying to achieve? How does Mark feel about achievements when reaching goals through manipulation?

    Zig Ziglar says “You can have everything in life you want if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want.” Surely this involves enough “reading” to determine what others want. What does Mark think about this as a sales strategy?

  8. kim zussman on April 12, 2009 10:13 pm

    "Family man, religious, maybe a govt employee or something he would think. i gave him my 75% uncompleted paperwork and as he stood on his toes and then back down 2 x i recieved a most unexpected response, in espanol he stated that he has a cousin who lives in my hometown. I knew what he said but pretended to really not know and the person behind me translated. Immediately and animated your kidding maybe i'm friends, i threw my arm around him and said we are like neighbors and was he going to visit any time soon?"Dude you need to earn financial planning certification — because like Redford you are a natural!http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Natural_(film)The marks will come, hoping to be told that you can do X with their savings. You will read them, and figure out exactly what they want to hear.If the market fails you, there is ample wiggle-room to rationalize in history. If you get it right, ask for more (subtly), and imply more is in store.You are the drift!It's not a crime to over-sell hope, unless you run afoul of the SEC or the like. Just do what you do with cars — spell between the lines what they want to read there.kim zussman

  9. JK on April 12, 2009 11:10 pm

    Reply to "Mark Johnson/White Glove Moving" —  What about ethics?

  10. Ezra on April 13, 2009 2:07 am

    Absolutely fascinating. So the secret to success is reading people. All one has to do is read people and success is assured. Reading people is the key. Alas, if only I had thought to read people. You certainly have seen deeply into the nature of life.

  11. Steve Leslie on April 13, 2009 7:58 am

    The first thing I learned about sales is that if you don't sell your product, nothing else matters.

    I began my professional career in sales at 23 and went on to be a stockbroker and financial advisor for over 20 years. I have never punched a time clock in my life. I say that salespeople are developed. Unfortunately, there are some who consider it a shady business to be a salesperson. It is a profession, a very honorable one and requires the same dedication and study as other professions but as with all things in life, in order to become successful at it, requires work.

    Sales mastery is unique in that in order to be successful, one must be willing to work with others socially. Therefore it introduces a variety of challenges on the psychosocial level. Those who are very successful at it tend to share the same characteristics. They genuinely like people, they enjoy the challenge of working with others, and want to help them achieve their goals.

    For those who wish to become better at sales and interacting with people, I recommend the Dale Carnegie Sales Course and The Dale Carnegie Course in Human Relations. I took the courses over 25 years ago, and went on to be a trainer after that. It is the one thing that I point to that turned my career in a positive direction. http://home.intekom.com/motivators/courses/carnegie2.htm

    In order to become better at "reading people", this becomes extremely complex. There is no substitute for experience here and one must work diligently at developing these skills.

    A few wonderful places to start are books, audio tapes and CD's. I would look to the many wonderful offerings at Nightingale Conant http://www.nightingale.com/. Look to such works from Anthony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, and Jim Rohn.

    I have mentioned this before but it bears repeating. Poker tables are great places to learn how to "read people". If you play poker enough, you will meet nearly every type of personality on this planet. A few expert poker writers to glean wisdom from in the area are, Dan Harrington, Tom McEvoy and T.J. Cloutier. Their books can be found on EBAY, Amazon and other places.

    If one puts forth the commitment, dedication and desire to excel at these professions, I guarantee you will never lack in a job, you will have an opportunity to earn fabulous income, and doors will open to you that were previously closed.


  12. Russell Sears on April 13, 2009 9:43 am

    With respect to Mr. Zussman’s

    “You will read them, and figure out exactly what they want to hear.”

    May I suggest that you are asking the wrong question: it is NOT “what they want to hear.” It is, “how do they want you to act”.

    This may appear to be a subtle difference, but this is the heart of Mr. Johnson’s pet story… The guy wanted to hear, “the paperwork is all in order” but would have spotted it right off as a lie.

    As men of science, we sometimes think like Joe Friday famous line, “justs the facts”.

    And while I can’t claim to be in the same league as Mr. Johnston, this is the lesson I learned the summer in college I tried door to door sales. Couldn’t sell anything till the end, when I abandoned the script they gave me, and went with my mannerisms to reflect what they wanted me to be.

    I would agree with Mr. Johnston, that it takes a natural, to get to his level. But clearly, if I can learn to do it to some extent, most people can greatly improve. The first lesson is that it is all about how you act, not what you say. The second lesson is the more subtle your mannerisms are, the more they have to read you, the better anything you say will be.

    When it is working, it is astonishing power, as you can feel the people, not just buying what you are selling, but actually loving you. People feel empowered when they are able to “read you”, especially when they believe they have found a similar spirit.

    May I suggest you try this subtle, but effective experiment, to prove my point. Next time someone “interviewing” you, be it for a date, a job or just an introduction, try these subtle mannerisms. First, lean in to hear them. If you are sitting, for example, when they speak shift to the edge of the chair head forward look directly at them. Hands should be together close to you. Listen, intently. Whatever you do, don’t script your “factual” response, but your emotional reaction. While you are listening, you might try repeating what they just said, but confirm it. Like “Brand X, can’t keep them on the lot”
    Or if they are stating a problem, “yes, yes I’ve seen that many times”
    Second, when you speak, relax open up be comfortable with them. In a chair, you shift back; put your arms on the palms up.

    But to get to Mr. Johnston’s level, may I humbly suggest, that it is not just about reading people, its more about understanding the subtle ways they want you to react to confirm them. The “reading”, in most cases, is simple. It is knowing how to act and executing that action that in most cases is the challenge.

    But, just consciously knowing and applying these 2 lessons will put you several steps ahead of most people on both sides of the sales transaction.

    Next time you read or hear a piece from Soro’s, Gross, Buffet or any of the pundits talking about the future, do not begin by testing the validity of their arguments. But begin my asking “how do they want me to act” and then “why?” In short, its not what they say, its what they do that matters, especially for the big boys that need many many people to buy or sell to.

  13. Mark Johnson/White Glove Moving on April 14, 2009 9:28 am

    Dear Mr. Rajput,

    Thank you very kindly Sir for this interesting information. While a fascinating subject, I of course would not have stumbled upon this informative piece on quantum mechanics.

    Mr. Rajput the Indian people are some of the brightest and hardest working in the world. I hope I am correct in assuming that you are an Indian gentleman. I have friends in the technology sector in Rajastan the blue city. Seems like they work 7 days a week around the clock. Someday I will have to go to you’re beautifull and richly historic country.
    India is a great country.

    Hi Legacy,

    Thank you for you’re observation.

    To answer your first question. You would not know the genuine me, just as however i would not know the genuine you. Depending on the task at hand.
    If the goal is challenging enough and for the right reason, I would be able to turn anyone i truly believe. I would be a lot like you my friend.
    Manipulation sounds like such a dirty word, however everyone uses this every single day. The key is to use this for the right purpose and not harm anyone’s feelings. T.V. commercials are meant to manipulate, breathtaking analyst write ups are used to manipulate and trying to get a date with a person you really like is manipulating as some examples.
    Helping people is always a good thing under any circumstance of course. Usually it will help you more than the person and or organization that you are trying to help.

    Thank you Dr. Zussman for comparing me to Robert Redford NOT LOL.

    On a serious note however, I am using you as a reference for my new updated resume’ to Goldman Sachs.
    I have no doubt whatsoever that even though i could promise them that I will be number 1, that upon recieving my real resume’ the secretary would un ceromoniousley delete it and place me on the junk mail list.
    Ya know the nice part of my entry thru customs in c.r.Dr. Zussman was the final part and that was this. My plan A was I had visited a c.r atty by the name of Sr. Ruhal Barrinetes Laborio ruhalb@racsa.co.cr if that is still current?( a nice man and honest atty if you ever need one in san jose c.r.)I explained that in a few days that i was going back to get my Dog but that my paperwork was incomplete. I had heard that he has some friends in customs ( it is not as sinister as it sounds as in these countries everyone has friends and we are not talking weapons or drugs, simply a nice pet)he assured me that he did in his broken english (and my spanglish)Great I will arrive Sunday at 2pm. He refused to accept any money in advance which strangly enough made me nervous. In the ensuing few days I called him several times to make sure that he would be there Sunday at 2 pm. Hmm something told me this was not a lock so I had the alternate plan.
    Where is Ruhal? i said to myself upon arriving at customs before i met my new friend.
    Well Psycholigically and physically exhausted as i wheeled out my suitcases with my lifes belongings and my dog ready to have a taxi take us to the hotel I hear MARK MARK BUENAS WELCOME OVER HERE. As i walk outside there was Ruhal with his X WIFE AND 3 DAUGHTERS on Sunday SUNDAY at 2pm.
    We are here just like i promised to take you to the hotel he said in broken english. Extremely embarassed and very graciousley after everyone hugged me and placed everything in the suv I said to his oldest daughter who spoke great english ” I did not need your wonderful dad to drive me to the hotel, i needed help with customs for my dog i embarisingly said”. She said, my father does not really understand english too well and he thought that you wanted someone to greet you and make you feel at home, he asked my mother and all 3 of us if we wouldnt mind welcoming a newcomer to our country.
    How many Attorneys do you know that will call up there xwife and 3 children to go to the airport on a sunday to pick up a stranger and do it with no money down?
    There are many nice people in the world and this guy is one of them.

    Hi J.K.

    Ethics is an interesting subject unto itself. Some of the most un ethical people are most likely some of the most respected people on Wall Street as 1 example.
    Money can buy a lot of respectibility. Granpa Bronfman of course started out as a bootlegger, as did Kennedy. Many high ranking folks in all walks of life are highly respected and in some cases un ethical.
    If i shake hands with an attorney over $5,000.00 but have no paper work verifying same only our word or i shake hands with a book maker over the same 5k, I would feel better than I am going to get paid by the bookie….

    Hi Ezra,

    I truly believe that there is no one secret to success. If there were I would not be working where I am and i would be retired on my yacht and so would everyone else. Reading people helps, however figuring out how to turn them is the key.
    Most of the people on this outstanding forum are very bright and successful.
    Success is an individual thing. What one person thinks is successful would be completely different than what you or I feel is successful.

    Hi Steve,

    You sir have certainly done well and i bet that when you were a broker that you were a great one at that.
    In you’re own way you read the people and simply gave them great service and the best product for there situation.

    Good morning Mr. Sears,

    Sir you have some of the nicest most inspirational writing and I for one enjoy you’re write ups.
    You are exactly correct with your write up below. Especially interesting with respect to Soros, Gross and others that telegraph there positions to the public. Livermore did this also I’m sure.
    You are Mr. Sears, absolutely an outstanding person.

    With kind regards,

    Mark S. Johnson

  14. Alice Allen on April 14, 2009 9:55 am

    To maintain proper blog etiquette, I will not “people read” the talented salesman extraordinaire original poster based on his contributions. This thread of comments is fascinating, not only what has been said but has been unsaid. What a range of observations by the regular masterful writers on this blog–from whom I learn so much when I am quiet and listen rather than chatter!

    Russell Sears’ “think about what others want you to do and why” is key. When my own “successful people reading” is going well, I’m usually being “read” in someone else’s game, especially when I am getting accolades for doing what they want.

    Selling yourself to car buyers in a series of one-time events is very different from establishing the consulting/advising relationships that will last days or years. As a consultant, I need to become aware of not just what a specific person wants me to DO, but, as importantly, who they think I AM. Their image of who they want me to be is very difficult to change once established. Then I have to understand what it costs me to be that person over time to avoid the old Gambler’s Fallacy in a different form.

  15. Mark Johnson/White Glove Moving on April 14, 2009 11:22 am

    Hi Alice,

    Thank you for you're honest evaluation and opinion. Ya know life is lived in the moment, not where we were 1-2 or 10 years ago.

    It is without hesitation or reservation that I note every single person posting on this fascinating and diverse forum have an exponentially larger bank account than me and are at a minimum 10 rungs over my head on the prestige index.
    We are what we are however, with our abilities and disabilities that makes us all unique.

    I would respectfully say that whether you are creating a long term business client relationship or a 1 time event that the technique is the same, however condensed in the 1 time event. It is much better to have a long term relationship and in that respect you can really shine if you wish too.

    And finally I would humbly suggest that it is always nice to be generous with one's comments on other's.
    It really takes no effort and one really never knows that persons life. Ya never know, ya just never know.
    During my travels I always found it best to be extremely generous and humble to every single person that i met or meet especially in a foreign country where it seems like everyone knows everyone. If you are ever in a situation maybe someone will say "hey i know her she is a great person" maybe you will get the thumbs up signal and all is well.

    I certainly did not mean to portray myself like that. I was just enjoying the interesting subject with interesting people and nothing more friend.
    Come in peace and go in peace and with best regards,


  16. Russell Sears on April 14, 2009 5:24 pm

    As Mark suggest, acting as if you want to meet them, are interested in what they have to say, especially their problems and are comfortable that you can help them, is the foundation for any long term consulting relationship.

    Don’t underestimate the mind body connection. You will be a better consultant, care about them more, and try harder throughout your dealings with them, if you “act” and adjust your body language as if you do already do these things when you first meet them.

    For those imply salemenship is shallow, or unethically manipulative, try this excercise. When you are about to lose your temper, or already have lost your temper with someone you cherish… change course, gently hold their hand or touch them in a tender way while you talk… This simple act will change your tone, your language and your whole attitude… If will most likely effect you before it effects them.

    It is rare emotionless mobster, that can gently touch your cheeks and shot you in the back. That is why this scene is in all the mobster movies.

  17. Dan Costin on April 14, 2009 5:49 pm

    It’s too bad that the salesman that tells you what you want to hear is being replaced by various purchase optimization web sites that tell you what you want to know instead. Soon enough, the stereotype of the car salesman will be as ancient as the mad hatter.

    I suppose most people hate to be read. It makes them feel simple. Unless necessary, it’s a one-time event that you learn to stay away from. The true benefit comes from finding a sales person who actually understands what is best for you to buy, whether in the car lot or in the markets. Then the sales person truly earns their commission. In the markets, perhaps the best salesman doesn’t read the buyer, but their portfolio instead.

  18. Alice Allen on April 14, 2009 10:38 pm

    Yikes, there’s been a misunderstanding! My last posting was written to respond to Sears’ 4/13. Unfortunately, I was unable to see Mark’s next comments 4/14 until my post was published at the same time directly following his. This gave the impression that I replied very pointedly and harshly to what he had just said. Mark, no “honest evaluation and opinion” was intended, and you certainly don’t need one from me. Thanks, Russell, for your follow-up. I never meant to imply that consulting was any more challenging than selling, just sharing what I knew. Maybe I better stick to statistics and programming.

  19. Craig Mee on April 15, 2009 10:33 am

    I think at the heart of all this, like trading, is being able to remain disciplined and follow through day after day after day. It a certain personality type who is tenacious enough to stick solid. As Mark said, even when the rules of the game are known it doesnt guarentee success, (just like some other pursuit, where all well conversed in)!


  20. Mark Johnson/White Glove Moving on April 15, 2009 2:44 pm

    Hi Alice,

    See there, I misread the read LOL. My apology’s to you friend.

    Sincerely and with best regards,

  21. cv on April 16, 2009 11:57 pm

    Regarding reading people and playing poker, there was a hypothesis in the early days of online poker that internet players wouldn’t be able to compete in live games because they lacked the necessary people reading skills. Nobody really believes this anymore. The number of internet players who have won live tournaments is testament to this.

    What playing online does force players to do is focus on bet size (e.g. When does an opponent overbet?) and frequency of betting. (Somebody who is constantly betting is most likely doing so with inferior cards and can be popped back with inferior cards.) As it turns out, skill at analyzing these traits carries over to the brick and mortar casino quite well. While there may be something to reading physical tells, most of the physical action and chatter is noise. If you really want to get a handle on somebody’s game, focus on what happens to their chips. Draw your own market parallels.


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