Sometimes predator-prey models get knocked off-kilter by alien, invasive species. Perhaps analogous to certain market conditions and unintended consequences of government intervention in markets. Here is a good example from Louisiana. I have not had a chance to try one of these Cajun delicacies yet:

"But by the fifties it became apparent that the ever-expanding nutria population was having a devastating effect on Louisiana’s coastal wetlands, threatening the stability of the entire fragile ecosystem, damaging levees, ruining sugarcane crops, draining rice fields, and contributing to the decline of the fur-trapping industry. The nutria population soared to twenty million, all eating their little hearts out. In some areas, these voracious creatures completely denuded natural levees and severely weakened marshes. It’s been estimated that some 34,000 acres of wetlands are presently impacted by nutria, now included among the top hundred worst invasive species in the world."


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