Do we need to pay for a paper on this to see the results? Every 13 year old boy up to grown men know this…well, let me put it this way…the only reason "boys" do anything is for women.

Are people more risk-taking in the presence of the opposite sex?

Patrick McAlvanah Federal Trade Commission, Bureau of Economics Journal of Economic Psychology

This paper investigates whether exposure to the opposite sex induces greater risk-taking in both males and females. Experimental subjects evaluated a series of hypothetical monetary gambles before and after viewing pictures of opposite sex faces; control subjects viewed pictures of cars. Both males and females viewing opposite sex photos displayed a significant increase in risk tolerance, whereas the control subjects exhibited no significant change. Surprisingly, the attractiveness of the photo had no effect; subjects viewing photographs of attractive opposite sex persons displayed similar results as those viewing photographs of unattractive people.





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  1. Chris Monoki on March 25, 2009 5:58 pm

    I found the study entertaining. I think it points out the obvious. Duh.

    Other natural, perhaps flawed, emotions, weigh heavily in all aspects of the market. On one end, ego, hubris, challenge, competition, euphoria and greed. On the other, uncertainty, impotence, doubt and fear. Everytime I have a bet, I feel this. Every time I’m levered, the emotions are amplified.

    Keep pressing,
    Chris Monoki

  2. George Parkanyi on March 26, 2009 11:19 pm

    The lack of distinction between attractive and unattractive when it comes to heightened risk-taking is also consistent with my experience. I’ve done incredibly dumb things to impress attractive women, and incredibly dumb things to avoid or escape unattractive ones. Which calls to mind Winston Churchill’s greatness even in these matters, as in the elevator encounter with the disapproving matron. “Sir, you are drunk!” “And you madam, are ugly. However I will be sober in the morning. Good evening to you.”


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