Optical IllusionA search for the phrase optical illusions on Google throws up a variety of very interesting websites. For a speculator I feel there are many pertinent questions that arise from a survey of these sites and the ensconced illusions in them.

  1. Why is there an illusion of motion, inter-connected spaces, impossible possibilities in the pictures carrying optical illusions, when actually there is none?
  2. What market situations produce an illusion of motion and life, when actually there is none?
  3. Which analytical tools are taken by the illusion of motion and or direction in markets, when actually there is none?
  4. What attributes of any one analytical technique or set of techniques together would save one from believing the non-existent?

There is a long list of many questions possible when exploring some optical illusions that a student of markets will find. Why not identify some questions that are more relevant to the markets and then try to answer them?

The usual first hand cliché would be that chart-watching is an optical illusion, but it perhaps is better for us to avoid that, so as to get to more useful ideas.


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