A friend of mine invented a new style of acrobatic dance for ball room dance competitions that generally won him the national championships in his field. He liked to warm up for about 5 minutes before the competition started and do his lifts, sometimes as high as 25 feet for a few minutes, then leave. He finds that by the time he leaves his competitors are so demoralized and confused and awed that winning is much easier. One wonders if such effects happen in the market.

The editor of our site, Victoria Niederhoffer, likes the work of David Burns in creating happiness. One of his methods is to take the worst fear that you have and make yourself do it, e.g. talking to an attractive girl you haven't met, and showing that when it happens, it's not that bad. One wonders if the moves below Dow 7000 and Nikkei 7000 played a similar role to Burns' technique.

Of spectacular leaps is what I found in my rackets career. I found that dissipating energy by anything not related to the game itself was totally dysfunctional. In particular, arguing with the referees a la McEnroe, or romantic interludes before the game was always a sure precursor to defeat. I never did it again after I figured it out. I looked at spectacular leaps before the opening of the S&P to see if the ballroom dancers or the racket players experience was best. I found that all spectaular leaps before the opening were reversed shortly after the opening much to the cost of the leaper, and much to the confirmation of the hypothesis and experience of the racket player.


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