Nullah’s Trade, from Jim Sogi

February 28, 2009 |

 Did you see the movie Australia with Hugh Jackman and the boy Nullah, played by the fantastic Brandon Walters of Aboriginal descent? In one scene, the villain of the movie sets fires to stampede some cattle into heading towards a cliff where they will jump off in a panic. Nullah stands directly in front of the stampeding herd right on the edge of the cliff. He sings his shaman's tune while staring the head steer in the eye. He redirects the entire stampede, and all are saved. Great scene.

This is exactly like many recent trades in the markets, this morning being a prime example. The market is in full stampede, panic, heading towards the edge of a cliff. The trader needed to stand at the edge of the cliff, directly in front of the stampede and sing the shaman song. I'll call this Nulluh's trade. Probably more rad than even taking out the canes. By the way, how did the villains know a full two hours before the announcement to stampede them? Someone knew. Very fishy.


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