In The Last Lecture, which has already been presented and discussed in an inspiring post by the Chair,  Randy Pausch writes: "It is not about how to achieve your dreams. It's about how to lead your life." As this is profoundly true, I would add: "with the curiosity to experiment and explore the dreams of a child". Only a child can have the wonderful and amazing ingenuity to blend real life, dreams, games. Their visions are the most fantastic worlds where everything is possible, where tens of pterodactyls are defeated in combat by a brave warrior who defends his beloved princess with her pink dress. It's a world where dreams are for real and the real life is a dream. The problem is how not to be afraid of pursuing these dreams. And this is possible only if you remain a child. Often life makes you see more obstacles and difficulties than there are actually. Next week I will go with my daughters to Disney World to let them dream. Who knows. May be they will grow up different from what I am.





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