One of memes working its way through the world of health is that a key to health is inflammation. Chronic inflammation is very bad and acute but short lived inflammation is good. The former overworks the immune system and causes damage and the latter shows a health battle response. I looked to see if a comparable effect exists in the market:  

inflammation                      expectation

five 1 week minimum           very positive

justs a single such               neutral

great health

single 1 week max               bearish

chronic health 5 such           neutral

Following this idea up, many plain people with a scientific bent believe that if everyone were to take a statin or Tagamet, both of which prevent inflammation from spreading, the average life span would increase by, say, five years. Information prevents inflamed ideas from spreading and the news from the Chair today about the stress tests served the same function as a dose of the aboves. Along those lines, the worshipful daily studying of the great books, and seats at the head of the house of worship, by those involved in the first 50 billion dollar fraud, the worshipful toasts delivered to him by his best friends at the wedding as described in the current New York Magazine article are right out of Sholem Aleichem and only he could tell a story like this from fiction that would be as terrible as this from real life. Along these lines, let us not forget the recent move of gold above 1000, the movements of the VIX and the Nikkei and scholarly markets' foretelling this recent selling climax, which had first to wipe out the weak longs before doing its inevitable thing. The inflammation idea has legs and is worth perusing I believe.





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