Summary From Wikipedia: Haemophagic leeches attach to their hosts and remain there until they become full, at which point they fall off to digest. They all have an anterior (oral) sucker, which releases an anesthetic to prevent the host from feeling the leech. Some species of leech will nurture their young, while providing food, transport, and protection. Not all species can bite; 90% of them solely feed off decomposing bodies and open wounds. Leeches normally carry parasites. However, bacteria, viruses, and parasites from previous blood sources can survive within a leech for months, and may be retransmitted to humans. Bloodletting is the withdrawal of often considerable quantities of blood from a patient in the belief that this would cure or prevent a great many illnesses and disease. It was a popular medical practice from antiquity up to the late 19th century.

Leeches are part of the ecosystem. They have interesting characteristics:

There is only one huge difference:


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