All living things are made up of the repetition of simple parts — leaves on a plant, scales on a fish, and vertebrae on humans. Biologists have found that the simpler the organism, the greater this repetition. They've found it in everything from molecules to crocodiles. Theories of where repetition is most prevalent have been formulated with a good summary from Darwin being, "The repetition of similar segments in the spinal column and of similar elements in a vertebral segment is analogous to the repetition of similar crystals." After a visit to the University of Colorado Natural History Museum where much work on the repetition of parts in molecules is displayed, I thought I should see whether there is a repetition of parts in that very living thing we deal with every day, the stock market. To study it, I took a very simple move in the first half hour of day, of an absolute value of greater than or equal to 1 but less than or equal to 2, and looked to see whether there was any evidence of repetition of this simple pattern throughout the day. I examined exactly the last 2500 days.

Thus, another great hypothesis is refuted by the facts. The polarizing force if anything is greater than the similarity force for small moves defined in this way.





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