My Grandfather, from Scott Brooks

February 11, 2009 |

 My Uncle Bob (Robert Steinkamp, PhD) sent this to me:

A while back, I made some comments about my Grandfather and what great man he was. I discussed his level of education and how that was never a detriment to him. Uncle Bob and my Grandfather (Roy Brooks, Sr) spent a lot time together over the years, much of it in a bass boat on father-in-law/son-in-law fishing trips throughout the midwest and deep south.

Bob had these comments in reference my Grandfather:

Scott, I loved your description of Roy Brooks, Sr. He was indeed educated in the school of life. One trait though that stood out to me was that he was always giving his knowledge in service to others. The only significant trait you missed was that he could also" think like a fish". I never mastered that skill. This thread forced me to spend too much time thinking about how to define educated. I mentally tried analogies with Quality — you know it when you see it, but I could never extract any good or even poor analogies from it. I also tried some mental gymnastics around broad and shallow vs. deep and narrow definitions of educated. Broad vs. narrow were very important concepts to blend in my working life with polymers, but again I failed to generate any important nuggets from that thread. Thanks for the mental stimulation and the opportunity to spend some quality time remembering grampa.





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