Kurt Warner, from Nick Sont

February 6, 2009 |

 As a Fantasy Football lover and market addict I have to disagree with the post that Kurt Warner is an over-rated QB. This can be simply verified with stats on the table for everyone to see.

Warner was sacked 26 times during the season for a total of 182 yds. loss. This is about average for all the QBs with the high end at 47 sacks on Matt Cassel and 11 on Jay Cutler. So the Cardinals offensive line was not dominant as claimed by Mr. Hudson.

The key number to watch was Warner’s pass completion per attempt at 67.1%. The second highest on the league and only behind Chad Pennington. Mr. Warner also put impressive numbers as far as TDs scored ranking third in the league. Thus he is an accurate pass QB that can consistently score under pressure and when it counts the most.

Folks, so now you can see that there is ABSOLUTELY no coincidence that the Cardinals decided to throw a short pass to Boldin during the Super Bowl (which unfortunately was intercepted) instead of pounding the ball through the middle. They were just following their system! Do you see a similarity with mechanical systems? You take the signal as it comes and there is no reason or time to second guess it.

I could go on an on over this. But there is a meal for a lifetime here. Fantasy football aficionados and defensive/offensive coordinators are truly number crunchers. The large majority play with probabilities and not gut feelings. If you love the financial market then you can learn a thing or two from this crowd.


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