The market seems to be suffering from an acute case of UAD (Uncertainty About Direction). Buyers and sellers find themselves unclear and puzzled waiting for the other side's next move. The sellers step in sooner and sooner trying to get ahead of their brethren. Impatient buyers do not let bargains last too long or for sale prices to drop further. Each is watching the other side, waiting, moving less, trying to feel the breathing pattern of the adversary, calculating its moves in case the opposition acts irrationally in unexpected ways. One side suddenly gets tired of waiting, gets tired of calculating, to test or not to test, to wait or not to wait, to leap ahead with all its might and take the enemy by surprise…

I find myself wedged in a far tight corner of the theater with ample patience, perfect vision for the wide horizon and find peace in watching the performance knowing that intermission is around the corner; the actors are tired. The theater is broke but the show must go on.





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