As a builder I use various size plastic tarps to cover and protect materials, roofs that are torn off in event a sudden downpour appears out of nowhere, covering framing lumber, etc. The Feds version of a TARP is used to cover (up) some things as well. Now I see where part of the government 'stimulus plan' calls for the expenditure of 600M for the purchase of all types of 'fuel efficient' cars for government workers to use in an even bigger 'car pool' . Knowing the government they will now reduce the existing fleet of cars, but will in fact add more drivers to the already bulging government to drive that new fleet of cars! Throwing good money after bad will solve nothing.

The Dow almost got below 8000 Friday. Gold was up $27 Friday. Will Gold reach $1000 before the Dow reaches 7500? I also note that to get a Cabinet position one must exhibit some type of prior tax issue to be considered! I did not vote for Obama, but support him 110% in what he is attempting to do to save our economy. I had a renter move out today as he lost his job at a local car lot here in Belpre, OH due to no sales on the lot.


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