In case you did not hear about this already, in his research, Phil Maymin concludes the following:

"There appears to be a negative relation between music and market volatility. In tumultuous financial times, people prefer steadier music, and in stable financial times, people prefer tumultuous music. Furthermore, it appears as if musical tastes has some ability to predict future market volatility.

The link between music and trading has not been studied in much depth, partially due to a difficulty in obtaining quantitative data. This paper shows not only that there is a link between song and stock volatility, but that the causality appears to go in the least expected direction; namely, this year's popular music seems to predict next year's market volatility."

The full article can be found here.

Perhaps I should consider switching from my plain piano preference to Lady GaGa and Beyonce.

via legacy daily

Kevin Depew comments:

This is less "scientific," but it is an interesting visual of what you are talking about nonetheless.

Marion Dreyfus adds:

From observation over decades, films too are predictive–chaotic times are concomitant with pacific and edenic films, whereas periods of economic calm are positively correlated with martial arts and violence-prone lensers, in much the way the heavily researched topic of skirt-lengths are a secure indicator of economic roller coastering. Long and modest just anterior to boomtimes, short and shocking, with downturns in fiscal friskiness.





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