Nadal-Federer, from James Tar

January 30, 2009 |

 Surprising that this is the first time they will meet in the Australian Open (the final) as they are the game's two most dominant players of the last 4 years, and not surprising as Nadal often has difficulty matching his claycourt prowess on hardcourts on which this tournament is played, we all get a marvelous treat late Saturday Night (or early Sunday am) to see these two battle it out for the title of the year's first Grand Slam.

The questions surrounding this match are many, but the keys:

1. Can Federer master his own surprising mental inadequacies often revealed during past battles with Nadal?

2. Will he revenge his Wimbledon loss and 4 successive French Open defeats?

3. Can Nadal win a Grand Slam on a hardcourt?

4. Will Nadal's fitness hold up after a 5 hour semifinal?

Impossible to know what will happen, just as it is impossible to know if this market has reached a bottom. Past Grand Slam Nadal/Federer encounters and SPX reaction over the next week or two:

French Open 2005 - Nadal def. Federer semifinal - SPX flat

French Open 2006 - Nadal def. Federer final - SPX lower

Wimbledon 2006 - Federer def. Nadal final - SPX higher

French Open 2007 - Nadal def. Federer final - SPX lower

Wimbledon 2007 - Federer def. Nadal final - SPX higher

French Open 2008 - Nadal def. Federer final - SPX lower

Wimbledon 2008 - Nadal def. Federer final - SPX lower

Australian Open - Nadal vs. Federer final - SPX ?

Should be a great match………





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  1. Matt Johnson on January 30, 2009 9:29 pm

    Nadal/Verdasco was epic, both men are champions.
    With tennis, I let my emotions run wild (better there than in the market), and I get pretty passionate on the court, I don’t yell and scream, but I’m there to win (more like battle).
    I love fighting the good fight.

    As for your question on the rockets, I’d be short going in on Sunday…and I love Fed, but I have to trade what I see, not what I want.

  2. Murali on February 1, 2009 3:04 am

    Nadal has improved his hard court game, and I would not surprise me If he wins his First Hard court grandslam on Sunday. His Match against Verdasco was an Insta-classic.

    Yes, even if it is half as good as the Wimbledon Final, It should be a treat to watch.

  3. Steve Leslie on February 1, 2009 11:11 am

    Having just watched the finals of the Australian Open, Nadal exhibited character that is befitting a great champion. To be able to come back from his semi-final match with Verdasco and defeat one of the greatest tennis masters in history is a accomplishment that will go down in history.

    Speaking of Nadal's semi-final match, it is unfortunate that it occured in Australia thus depriving the U.S. of a fantastic display of tennis mastery, endurance and skill. One could add dozens of metaphors. Rather than describe it I strongly recommend one watch to redux.


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